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Flying training

Flying training

The person that is far from aircraft thinks that to learn to operate plane is awfully difficult. You have to study works on the device of the plane, meteorology, navigation and other sciences for months. Nothing similar! It's all much easier in practice. Learning to fly is as easy as learning to operate the automobile. The most important factors in flying training are professionalism of the instructor-pilot and the student's aspiration for achievement of the purpose. It's the only way to succeed.

You are offered to pass a curriculum under the direction of the professional and skilled instructors in "AIST-M" aeroclub. The curriculum will be made in view of your time and wishes.

We offer plane operating training, rise and landing training flights, flights on a route with landing at other airports, flights in training zone figures of simple and complex pilotage.

Aeroclub "AIST-M" carries out training under "The Program of preparation of amateur pilots", from the basics to the reception of the amateur pilot certificate.
Our Aeroclub has long-term work practice and was the first private noncommercial aeroclub in Russia which has begun amateur pilots training and in which study flying some famous people of Moscow and many, already skilled pilots have passed by training and fly teaching. Practically everyone who have overcome initial feeling of uncertainty in his forces and fear of novel and tested this surprising feeling of flight, successfully master the plane and receive the amateur pilot certificate. Since then the sky becomes the integral, fascinating part of their life.

Once you come to club, we have greeted, and then we sit in the plane and let's fly. After flight - a ten-minute briefing. Pre and post flight briefings supplements theory training. You get acquainted with bases of aerodynamics, navigation and flying exploitation before flight, and discuss with the instructor mistakes and defects after flight.
You don't have to know in great detail everything about the plane. The main thing is the feature of operation of concrete plane. The plane's behavior at rise and landing, what tricks should be expected from it. You have to know these things irreproachably. The future pilot is obliged to possess good reaction also. Plane operating is practically impossible without it. However the percent of people which are not giving in to training, is insignificant. As a rule, ninety percent of students quickly master even complicated. They are allowed to fly independently after 25 hours of flights with the instructor. You have to fly 42 hours to get the amateur pilot certificate. The "AIST-M" club instructors have noticed that the person, who drives the car well, quickly masters the plane.

However, it is impossible to become a good pilot for 42 hours. You can only learn to fly in the vicinity of airfield. The amateur starts to think like the professional pilot and instantly make correct decisions after 200-250 hours of flight.

One more important detail - the amateur pilot certificate is valid only for that model of the plane on which training was gone. The plane is not a car. You can change "Zhiguli" on "Mercedes" and go on the ground. Air is another business. You can't simply change Yak on Cessna. You have to study again. But not too long, for some hours. It's enough to study operational features of the plane new to you.
It is better to begin training with complex model at once, such as Yak-18T. It's easy to master even jet planes after it.
It's reasonable to execute a trial flight to check up yourself, to experience all the feelings of the light plane pilot. During the 10-15 minute flight the skilled pilot - instructor will acquaint you with all the elements of flight preparation and performance, such, as preflight check of the plane, start up of engine, taxi, take off, circling, landing approach. You will take a joystick after climbing necessary altitude and under the instructor's control you will try to carry out simple evolutions "to feel" the plane. There is a ten-minute briefing after flight on which the details of flight are discussed.

At what age is it possible to start training?

There are no age restrictions for the person, wishing to learn to fly. The only thing is that you should be not less than 17 years before performance of the first independent flight.

If there are no medical contra-indications to flights, there are no age restrictions!


Studying to fly with bad sight is difficultly, but possible. You don't have to hesitate to use a set of glasses in flight at the same time, and the most important - do not hide your problems with sight from the instructor.
What is necessary to learn during the first flying lessons?

You will be briefly instructed on the ground before each flight, and receive necessary remarks and valuable instructions after training.

The instructor's wisdom will give you much more, than you can learn yourself.

You will fulfill flight preparation and pass the control of preflight check procedure, taxing, take off, climb and descent, turns, flights in a zone of expectation, flights on low speeds and flights on a circle while performance the export program, consistently, from a lesson to a lesson, forward to your first independent flight.

You will execute independently three flights on a circle 'round the air station to acknowledge the received experience after the end of the export program and successful performance of control flight on a circle.

You will continue training on turns, flights at small heights, actions at refusals and performance of emergency landings, routing flights and flights on devices after performance of independent flights.

The control of performance of routing flights readiness is made with checker in structure of crew before independent flight on a route.

You will be admitted to independent flights on routes after end of flying training, passing the flying examination and special knowledge checking.

What does the ground preparation consist of?

You will have to study Rules of flights, navigation, and meteorology, a design of the plane and the engine, basis of aerodynamics, radiotelephone communication, and crew work technology.
You will have to pass examinations on all these disciplines.
You have to pass examination on Rules of flights before performance of independent flight. You have to pass examinations on navigation, meteorology and a radio communication conducting before the admission to independent routing flight.
As a rule lectures are individual and carried out at any time convenient for you under the preliminary coordination.
How is the certificate confirmed after curriculum passage?

You can continue flying training in club, making flights on routes or in area of air station after the termination of a curriculum and reception of the amateur pilot certificate.

It's desirable to fly 3 - 5 hours a month for good flying form maintenance, and not less than hour is necessary to fly independently.

Instrument flights.

Instrument flights training will allow you to feel more confidently and to fly under the worse weather conditions.
The curriculum includes flying training and briefings containing procedures of preflight planning, full and partial instrument flight, approaching airfield and decreasing, flights on a circle and landings in bad weather conditions.
And the last, but not the least!

What is necessary for you to look during visiting aviation club?

Pay attention to the general planes, premises and the equipment condition, the aviation personnel.

Look, whether the planes are clean, the equipment is in a good condition, the conditions for preflight rest are good. Is the level of planes preparation to flights good? Is there a friendly atmosphere? Is the flying trainings process good and effectively organized?

Ask on quantity and type of working planes for training and hire, about number and opportunities of instructors. Can club guarantee a trouble-free work and suitability of planes to flights seven days a week?


You can maintain and raise your skill, using resources of our aeroclub, to make flights on a route with landing at other airports, flights in a zone for working off of figures of simple and complex pilotage, after you has become an amateur pilot. You will get all-round information support and the help at purchase and operation of your own plane, having entered our aeroclub.
So, if you have lit up desire to try forces - choose convenient for you day and time, call us and come visit us - on the Moscow region airfield Selnikovo where our aeroclub is based. You will see planes we fly on, beginning with easy walking , talk to instructors and, certainly, make the first flight.

We are waiting for you.

Training YAK-18Т
Training YAK-18Т

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Take off!

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Cocpit YAK-18Т

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