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Airclub "AIST-M"

Airclub "AIST-M"

Airclub "AIST-M" operates for satisfaction of needs of the population with application of General aviation, and also propagation of aviation, adhering to the following principles:

» Interests of club above personal

» Voluntariness of participation in club

» Club doors are open for everyone who wishes to fly

» The low cost price of flights

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The airclub pursues as the most important purposes:

» Safety of flights

» Maximal use of aviation techniques with wide geography of flights

» A high level of aviation education

» Club members should receive a sheer joy and pleasure from performance of flights, and also from mutual dialogue.

The airclub sets as the purpose assistance to development of General aviation, high flying education and improvement of member's professional skill.

Professional pilots having wide experience of flights by the most different planes make the basis of the club. Our instructors will help you to find the decision in any situation.

All conditions for comfortable pre and post flight preparations and rest in our aeroclub are created.
The club members have an opportunity:

» To pass preparation in our flight school with getting the certificate of the amateur pilot that entitles performance of independent flights by own or rented plane;

» To enter club with an own aircraft on the rights of joint possession. In this case they pay an individual membership dues. Thus the Airclub incurs obligations to carry out maintenance service, maintenance of flights, granting of means of training, etc., as to all full club members;

» To order VIP-flights by L-410UVP-E plane.

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All wishing to become club members are invited.


Landing at Bykovo

Landing at Bykovo

Solemn action

Solemn action
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